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Specialty Gourmet Teriyaki Marinades And Sauces
My name is Lon Christopher and the maker of Sake to Me Marinades. My love of cooking dates back to when I was 13 years old. I was involved in tennis and played the sport at a national level. In high-school, I would play tennis after school and go home and cook with my Mom. She is an excellent cook and it was here that I learned the adventure of cooking.

After high-school I decided to take a tennis scholarship in Santa Barbara. After studying Physical Therapy for a year, I realized that wasnít where I wanted to be. I realized I love to cook! I didnít want to go to culinary school because I like to talk to people too much and didnít want to be stuck in the back of the kitchen cooking.

I transferred to Northern Arizona University to play tennis and pursue a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management. After graduating from NAU and trying some future tennis tournaments, I came back to Phoenix and managed California Pizza Kitchen for 3 years. I then had an opportunity to become the General Manager of Zen 32 sushi bar. During the year I managed Zen 32, I was introduced to drinking sakeÖthe Japanese rice wine.

One day at home in December of 1999, I decided to use sake to marinate with. Iíve always made my own marinades because I never liked the ones in stores. After learning that sake is a meat tenderizer and is used as a popular technique to marinate with in Japan, I decided to give it a try.

After mixing and matching the ingredients for a month, I finally had something to cook with! I decided to name it Sake to Me because it has a kick like nothing else when you taste it. Six months later, while using Sake to Me at a friendís house, several people tried to buy the marinade. They couldnít believe how tender & tasty it was. Let alone how easy it was to prepare. I had a hit!

Within 2 months, I had created bottles, labels, and marketing and was ready to launch. I made it into the finest grocery store in Arizona, A.J.ís Fine Foods right away. I knew that now was the time to pursue my dream. So I quit managing and started to wait tables and teach tennis to give me time to market this amazing marinade.

Finally, I am the Head Tennis Pro at The Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa in Phoenix, Arizona and continue working on getting Sake to Me in gourmet stores across the country so everyone can enjoy it. As far as now Iím in Arizona and California and soon to be in Gourmet Garage in New York.  I have found something I love doing. For every bottle sold I feel a personal gratification that Iím making people happy. They are getting together to have family parties, sporting events, or just a quiet time with their significant other. When I first started out, these were the things that made me strive to pursue my dreams.

Now Iím making new products and trying to spread Sake to Me across the country. Thanks to your input, I have created to your needs. Sake to Me Sweet-Hottie (sweet & spicy) is now here. So fire up that grill and sake to your friends and family with Sake to Me Marinades. Iím sure you will enjoy it. Try it once and be forever Hooked!

Happy Marinating!!

Lon Christopher